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Submitted: Thu, 10/10/2013 - 21:41
By: JoshLopata
 Video/Short Film
Please describe what drove your creativity: 
Fade is my story. To tell it, I taught myself how to make a stop-motion animated film from scratch, then asked friends and family to lend a hand. None of the crew for the film had ever made a movie like this before, so we all got to take risks together. There was no one to tell us we were wrong, so we found everything out the hard way and it was fun. During the past year, many different artists contributed their style and effort into the project, making this an amazing time and place to communicate and learn. Every little detail built on everyone else's, and sometimes even magnified other ideas in future scenes. Making this movie was a good time. I hope that we get the chance to do that again.
Please describe how you will use the prize if you win: 
Stop motion web series of a world where primal instincts rule and its inhabitants are fueled into a frenzy.
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