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Shuba Looks South

Submitted: Mon, 10/07/2013 - 21:43
By: NicoleBartelme
Please describe what drove your creativity: 
I lived on the tug for seven years in the Hudson River, Lower Manhattan. At the time I was director of a homeless agency and I had a sixth sense that my life style was about to be disrupted. My passion for the salt air, the emerald waters and my boat mates has led me to document a continued series of images to this day, of how we share our lives together: one lived in the smoke stack, another in the fuel tank, the wheel house with me in the back cabin. To freeze moments, Shuba, the Hungarian speaking dog, in the fog looking south to the World Trade Center – the tide just right so I could jump from the boat to the pier and try and tap into my inspiration of Sebastião Salgado. A few months later, the boat sank, 14 minutes a foot and the guys in my homeless agency said – Nicole, it’s going to be all right – we’ll help ya out. And they did. They helped inspire my own non-profit, TriBeCa Native, to use creativity to help others. Thank You for this opportunity- Nicole Bartelme
Please describe how you will use the prize if you win: 
Funds used to hold benefit concert, stream photos from kids on their vision/ understanding for promoting diplomacy and human rights.
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